The heart of the RAAA is its Members and the diversity of experience they bring to the Association in fulfilling its aim and objectives. Only by working together and talking as one strong voice will we create and maintain change to ensure a sustainable aviation industry for regional and remote communities in Australia. The more communities serviced by aviation the potential for more operators and aircraft requiring services from the industries that support them.


    Under the RAAA Constitution membership of the Association is open to any organisation that can demonstrate active involvement in, or support of, the regional aviation industry. Membership is broken into the following catergories:

    Further information about the different categories of membership and information on current Members under each category may be found on the Ordinary, Associate, Affiliate, and Honorary pages.

Membership Benefit

    The RAAA is the only organisation representing all sectors associated with regional aviation in Australia. This includes airlines, charter operators, aeromedical operations, flying schools, airports, maintenance organisations, training organisations, plus engine and airframe manufacturers - just to name a few.

    The RAAA Monitors government and regulatory authority policy formulation to ensure our members gain input into policies and decisions which may affect the flying, maintenance and commercial operations of their businesses.

    All members receive regular industry updates and invitations to comment on a wide range of issues, and are encouraged to participate fully in the Associationís activities. We are strongly commited to ensuring relevance of information for all categories of Members so to add value to their membership of the Association.

    The RAAA Technical Working Group (TWG) meets regularly so RAAA Members can get together to discuss the issues affecting our industry. The meetings generally incorporate a dinner to give Members a chance to get together to talk and network in a less formal environment. All RAAA Members are strongly encouraged to participate in the TWG. Please see the Member Events Calendar for meeting dates for the current year.

    All members are invited to attend the RAAA Convention - the ultimate annual networking event for anyone who is involved with regional aviation. The Convention includes a Trade Exhibition, Gala Dinner and Golf Tournament, and features talks and discussions by international and Australian experts on the latest issues affecting the industry.

    RAAA Membership provides the following convention benefits:

    • Discount Registration Fees for the RAAA Convention;

    • Discount on Trade Site Hire for the RAAA Convention;

    • Priority placement of limited spaces at the Convention Trade Exhibition

    The RAAA provides upon request and generally at no cost to member, an advocacy service whereby it acts on behalf of a member in relation to issues involving Government regulations and charges, airport charges and issues, training and general aviation issues.

    All Members of the RAAA receive a member profile on the RAAA Website under their membership type classification (Ordinary, Associate, Affiliate).

    All members have a one page member information page included in the RAAA newsletter on joining the Association. In addition they have the ability to submit technical articles to the RAAA newletter and also include updates on their products or services in the RAAA newsletter.

    The RAAA has proven to be a very effective voice of and lobbyist for regional aviation. Membership of the RAAA not only allows members to utilise the Association in this way, but it will also provide the vehicle for substantial networking and exchange of information with industry colleagues.

    In joining the RAAA you are working with people who understand and are experienced in resolving civil aviation issues.