Serving regional aviation, and through it, the people and businesses of regional Australia


The aim of the Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) is to support its members by working with Government, the regulatory authority, and the community to promote a safe and viable regional aviation industry for everyone.

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RAAA Members

The heart of the RAAA is its Members and the diversity of experience they bring to the Association. By working together we create and maintain a strong voice to ensure a sustainable aviation industry for communities in Australia.

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RAAA Convention

The RAAA National Convention is highly regarded as a premier annual aviation event and attracts key industry leaders, government and government agencies, regional operators, technical experts, manufacturers and suppliers.

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RAAA Member Review

Latest News

CASA releases significant policy statement on regulatory development

The recent Directive by the CASA DAS is arguably the most important policy statement by the aviation regulator in the last ten years. If implemented in a timely manner, it will fundamentally change for the better the relationship between industry and the regulator. For most in the industry, such change cannot come soon enough.

To view the CASA policy statement click here


Long Term Pricing Agreement (LTPA) July 2016 to June 2021 Discussion Paper
Airservices Australia
06 May 2015

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Media Release

CASA Director of Aviation Safety
Raises the Bar
13 July 2015

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Winter Edition

July 2015

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2015 National Convention

2015 RAAA National Convention Announced
31 March 2015

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2016 RAAA Meeting Dates

The following are the meeting dates decided by the RAAA Board for 2016. Members will be provided with updated information about venues, accommodation, and social functions for general meetings closer to the date by email. For further information about the upcoming RAAA National Convention please see the convention pages.

  • Technical Working Group: 2 March 2016 - Melbourne VIC

  • Technical Working Group: 1 June 2016 - Queensland

  • Technical Working Group: 31 August 2016 - Canberra ACT

  • RAAA National Convention: 19-21 October 2016 - Hunter Valley NSW

  • Technical Working Group: 30 November 2016 - Sydney NSW

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